D.O.O "PTI" offers a complete engineering for food processing industries: researching, civil, technological, electrical, thermo-mechanical designing, execution works, supervisions, consulting. We are building and equipping new factory sections, reconstructing the existing ones and incorporating new technologies. Project documentation preparing: preliminary and general designs, projects, arrangements, studies, elaborate analysis. Assessment, revision and technical survey of investment-technical documentation. Up-to-date digital preparation and big formats print out.

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Higijena pogona

     Import and distribution of chemical products of TENSID CHEMIE for complete plant hygiene in food industry: conveyor belt lubricants, agents for CIP systems, additives for lye and acids, disinfectants, water hardness stabilizers, anti-foaming agents, water treatment microbiocides, corrosion inhibitors, foaming cleaning agents and products for wall fungicide protection.


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D.O.O. "PTI" - PROCESNO TEHNOLOŠKI INŽENJERING, 21000 NOVI SAD, Bulevar oslobođenja 28

tel/fax: +381 (0)21 63 38 412,e-mail: ptins@EUnet.rs, ptins@InfoSky.net